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New Release Par-TAY!

Posted on: September 24, 2018

If you’re like me, you’re a bit on the warped side. Strange. Unusual. Out of the ordinary. Weird.

It’s all right. Own it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Still with me? Shall we continue? Okay.

Without further ado, I present to you, my fellow Weirdos, the short story anthology you didn’t know you were missing:

Weirder Tales: An Omnibus of Odd Ditties


Gorgeous cover art by Jason Kemp of Tenkara Studios. 


Weirder Tales contains a fresh set of bizarre tales from the WPaD collective, including two of my own:

  • The Hole: A young girl discovers a hole in her closet. But…a hole to where?
  • Good Times: A man cleaning out his father’s garage finds a new project he just can’t put down.

Plus these from the other writers, poets, and deviants:

  • People who eat Tide Pods turn into detergent-craving zombies
  • A gift of a fishing bobber turns deadly
  • A woman lost in the desert makes friends with an ancient creature
  • A grieving father consults a psychic to solve his daughter’s murder
  • Two friends embark on a fantastic adventure during a game of Dungeons and Dragons
  • A call for help from an abandoned house leads a man to his doom
  • Strange explosions cause terror and speculation about the end of the world
  • A meteor falls from the sky, leading a woman on a surreal journey
  • A young married couple experience a serious glitch in their relationship

All this and more! Live, on Kindle! Just $2.99! Screaming deal! Exclamation point!

Other WPaD anthologies include:

Best of all, the proceeds go to Multiple Sclerosis charities.

If you like any of these, leave a review! Even a few words help indie authors make the most of the algorithms.

Happy Reading, Weirdos!


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